Who are we and what do we do?

We are local electronic, computer, and information technology consultants located in Duluth, Minnesota, who are focused on security and reliability. We are not just another equipment installer! We are honored to help our community. We specialize in the comprehensive design of extremely reliable and effective video surveillance and intelligent smart security systems. Our systems are tailored to meet your needs and exceed what you thought was possible. We design intelligent smart homes and realistic home theater systems focused on privacy, requiring no connection to a third party or cloud service provider for your smart home to function, thereby protecting your privacy. We provide cybersecurity assessments and services for data networks. We offer computer, electronic, and technology repair, in addition to full information technology consulting and services.

What sets us apart?

We cut no corners on quality and reliability... Using precision high-definition components and quality optics, our systems capture every detail, providing a wealth of forensic value. Our solutions are scalable and based on open technology standards. This allows you to easily add more features and components as your needs evolve or new features are developed. This helps reduce upfront costs while maximizing the value of your investment. Our solutions are built for you and can be customized to fit your budget, preferences, and appearance. Whether you need a simple porch or doorbell camera for your home, a complex multi-location system for your corporate enterprise, of a safe-city infrastructure, we can design a solution that reliably and effectively serves your needs.

What advanced technology do we offer?

There is no limit to simplicity or complexity with our systems. Focusing on crime prevention, logical triggers can be built using simple criteria, which, when met (such as a human being present in a specific area at 3:00 am) can trigger automatic actions and alerts, providing you with real-time video, allowing you to initiate immediate actions to manually or automatically address the situation, such as dispatching the police. Smart home automation integration and device control, a full voice and text-based PBX phone system, asset tracking, automated building security, slip-and-fall detection, visual fire alarm early warning, Community Collective Security™, thermal cameras, discreet cameras, specialty cameras, and far more. 

What services do we offer?

Computer-based intelligent video security systems that will help prevent crime from occurring. Cybersecurity services that will help protect against a plethora of rapidly evolving Internet threats. Data backup services to keep your data safe. Full consulting for whatever your needs may be; all inquiries for custom projects are welcome, and we will accept a project only if we believe that the results we will produce will be outstanding.

What is Community Collective Security™?

At Duluth Security Needs, we're committed to promoting safe neighborhoods and inviting environments for local businesses. Our flagship Community Collective Security™ technology enables businesses and neighbors to securely share one or more cameras, or portions of their camera(s), with each other via their own private secure cloud shared hosted platform. This provides a larger surveillance system capable of additional area and angles not otherwise possible to achieve with cameras mounted only on the premises. A row of neighbors can now effectively secure their entire block by simply combining their porch or doorbell cameras. Two houses across the street from one another can now enjoy a view facing toward their property in addition to their own camera facing away from their property. Businesses can now secure their common areas, shopping center, or entire business district, inviting business back to once thriving areas!